Plaid Santa Series

What is more traditional for Christmas than holiday plaid pillows, blankets and sweaters?
This all new design set combines that theme with sparkly gold accents and fun holiday details.
The storybook format allows you to tell a story to go along with your client's keepsake images.
Choose individual design products or one of our great packages.

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Book Template Features:

  • 10 x 10, 20-page book template with wrap-around cover
  • Layered PSD files with editable text
  • Includes 10 poetic stanzas
  • Easy to use clipping masks
  • Includes ProSelect files
Note: Since a lot of people have asked, the story included in this design is different from the story included in the Vintage Santa design.
Sample images courtesy of Ivey Photography
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Plaid Santa Book
Plaid Santa Set
Includes: Book and Matching Mini Accordion Book
Plaid Santa Bundle
Includes: Book, Matching Mini, Plaid Santa Collage, and Plaid Santa card set.
$180 (You save $55)
Extra Santa Story
Includes: 11 additional stanzas that you can use for your story book.
Note: This is the same "extra story" available on the Vintage Santa page. If you purchased that one do not purchase this one.
For the 10x10 book template you will receive download links for a WHCC, H&H, Millers, IBind, Marathon Press and ACI format plus ProSelect files. Download the format(s) that work best for you.
If your lab is not listed let us know the lab you are using along with the exact album style name and we will get an adjusted format to you.

Hint: Click on thumbnails to see larger.

Plaid Santa Mini Book

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  • Files for a 3x3 mini accordion book (fits WHCC, H&H and ACI)
  • Layered PSD files with editable text
  • ProSelect files
Plaid Santa Mini Book….. $25

Plaid Santa Card Set

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  • 4 Christmas card templates 5x7 flat
  • Layered PSD files with editable text
  • ProSelect files
Plaid Santa Card Set….. $60

Plaid Santa Collage

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  • 20" x 20" collage
  • Layered PSD file
  • ProSelect files

Plaid Santa Collage….. $25