• Ordering

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    How do I place an order?

    Use the "add to cart" under the item(s) you wish to order. When finished go to the checkout page. Enter your shipping/billing info and then click the big green "Proceed" button. On this second page of the checkout you can review your order one more time, select shipping/download options, enter a discount/promo code, select payment option and finally submit your order.

    Note: It is very important that you double check the email address you enter into your order. This will be the email address used to send your receipt and download links. If you enter your email address incorrectly expect significant delays in processing your order.

    Can I have my order shipped on disc?

    Yes, you can select to have your entire order shipped to you on disc. This is a great option for those with a slow internet connection making large downloads a tedious process or for those that wish to have a good back-up copy of their order. Download links are still supplied when you select to have your order shipped.

    Can I return or exchange my order?

    Sorry, because of the nature of digital products template orders cannot be returned or exchanged. If you have questions about products or are not sure what to order please ask before placing your order.
  • Promo/Discount Codes

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    I have a promo/discount code, where do I enter it?

    The promo code box is on the second page of the checkout.

    I entered a promo code but it is not working.

    Promo codes must be entered exactly as given, no spaces, case sensitive. If your code is not working compare what you are entering with the code given. Once you enter the code also be sure to click "Apply".
    Also, some promo codes are only valid for a certain amount of time. If your code is not working it may be expired.

    Can I enter more than one code per order?

    Sorry, only 1 code may be used per order.
    If you want to order multiple product categories, each with their own discount code, place a separate order for each product category. For instance, if you want to order 5 folios and 8 grad cards place one order for the folios applying the "folio" discount and then place a second order for the grad cards applying the "gradcards" discount.

    Storewide promo codes cannot be combined with product category discount codes.

    Limited time promo codes must be used within the time specified and cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • Downloads

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    When do I get my download links?

    After you submit your order an order invoice will be sent to the email address you entered into your order. You can use the download links supplied within the invoice to download your templates. Most links lead to large zipped folders which contain both the Photoshop files and the ProSelect files so be sure to allow for some download time. For best results download one link at a time.

    I clicked on the link but it is not working.

    Depending on your browser and the activity of the server there can sometimes be a slight lag in between clicking the link and the actual download initiating. Please be patient and watch your download manager. Clicking the link several times in a row will activate multiple downloads of the same file and may cancel out the link. Click on the link once, and wait for it to fully download. If you are certain the download did not activate you may try again. Each link is valid for a maximum of 5 attempts.

    Can I make a back-up copy of my order?

    We highly encourage you to make a back-up of all your template files. If you do not want to take the time yourself consider ordering a disc copy of your order.

    Can I lookup my previous orders?

    Yes, you may lookup previous orders placed through our new website (Aug. 2013 or later). Simply go to the Order Lookup Page, click on the "Retrieve Order History" tab, enter the email address you use for your orders and then click the green "Send Order History" button. Your order history with appropriate download links will be emailed to you.
    For orders placed through the old website, you can look up your order history through your Paypal account. Log into your account, click on "View all my transactions", then click on "Find a transaction" and use the search filters to find transaction by last name (enter Check), select a date range and hit the search button. If you need new download links send us a copy of your Paypal receipt and we will get you new links.
  • Software Requirements

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    Photoshop CS1 or above is required. Compatibility with Photoshop Elements is not guaranteed.

    To use the supplied ProSelect files, ProSelect 2012r1 or higher is required. 2012r3 or higher is preferred.
  • How to Use Templates

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    Ok, I downloaded all the files, now how do I use these?

    Answers to most questions on how to use our templates can be found in our video tutorial section. All the basics are covered there. If you have a question that our videos do not cover let us know by contacting info@checkartstudio.com

    Where do I get my final products printed?

    Most of our templates are formatted for printing at White House Custom Color (WHCC), however you can have your final cards, books, collages, etc printed at any lab of your choice. Since each lab may have size specifications unique for them do compare the size of the template you are about to use with your lab's specs and resize them if needed. It is best to do any resizing before you fill the templates with images.
  • Terms of Use

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    All designs are © Check Art Studio, LLC/Charmaine Check and may not be resold, shared or copied without the express permission of Check ArtStudio/Charmaine Check. These templates are for limited commercial use. This means you may use them to sell printed products to your clients. Elements from these templates may not be taken from the template and claimed as your own or combined with your own elements and resold as new templates to other individuals or groups.
    Designs may not be used on greeting card websites where clients submit their own images.
    If you post your finished designs on blogs or forums please do not post them at a size so large that others may steal and use them from your post.
    By using my templates you are agreeing to these terms and conditions which are subject to change without notice. Please, do not violate copyright laws!