Earthy Book Template

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  • 10 x 10, 22-page book template with wrap-around cover
  • Layered PSD files with editable text
  • Easy to use clipping masks
  • Includes ProSelect files

This design also available through Rebooku, a wonderful book production and retouching resource. To find out more about Rebooku Click HERE!
Sample images courtesy of Laura Wootan/Smile House Seniors
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Earthy Book
For the 10x10 book template you will receive download links for a WHCC, H&H and ACI format plus ProSelect files. Download the format(s) that work best for you.
If your lab is not listed use the size guide below to download the format that is closest to your needs. You can easily resize the templates to fit your exact requirements.

Page Dimension Reference
WHCC: Page: 9.875 x 10.25 | Spread: 19.75 x 10.25
H&H: Page: 10 x 10 | Spread: 20 x 10
ACI: Page: 10.5 x 10.5 | Spread 21 x 10.5
Earthy Set
Includes: Book and Matching Mini Accordion Book